Why Chinese Women are Not Broke by Giovanna Garcia
Why Chinese Women are Not Broke by Giovanna Garcia Chinese core values with American ingenuity Giovanna Pang Garcia
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Why Chinese Women are Not Broke by Giovanna Pang Garcia 7 Proven Keys for Success Motivational retreat to Beijing China

Giovanna Pang Garcia is an powerful Ispirational Speaker and the author of Why Chinese Women Are Not Broke: Real Life Stories and Proven Keys for Success. In this innovative new book, Giovanna Pang Garcia shares a unique perspective on achieving success in business and in life through a series of interviews with 100 trailblazing Chinese American women. Part Chinese core values, part American ingenuity, Why Chinese Women Are Not Broke is an inspiring blueprint for pursuing one s dreams with determination, focus, and faith. A must-read for anyone seeking success, happiness, and wisdom! In story after story of Chinese American women forging a path for themselves against all odds, readers will discover proven keys to unlock the success they envision - no matter what challenges they face. Drawing from her own expertise, gained through tenacity and perseverance, Giovanna provides practical advice and communicates a clear call to action for those serious about improving their lives.